Artwork - Orang - Everyone EP.png

BOT001: Orang - Everyone EP

The debut release from one of Kuala Lumpur's brightest talents: 'Everyone' sees Orang twist pop conventions to his advantage, and as a unique way of spinning intense deliberations on self and identity into a patchwork of deceptively-charming melodies, patterns and grooves

ADAM KASTURI - CAMO (I-IV) - cover.png

BOT002: Adam Kasturi - Camo

Among Adam's most melodic and thematic work to date, the release comes to you as an introspective 12-minute voyage through tense urban landscapes; punctuated by relieving arpeggios, meticulous percussive details and inescapably laced with the enigmatic producer’s signature industrial undertones

similarobjects - Etheric - cover.png

BOT003: similarobjects - Etheric

Two-track release from similarobjects; introducing aquatic new depths and euphoric highs to the hard-working Manila-based producer's prolific resume.

A case study in compare and contrast; cascading harps and hypnotic signal tones paint 'Gersisa' with an ominous momentum, while jazzy keys peek out and ultimately flourish from far below surface-level on 'Blueprint to Atlantis'.



The first in a series of free compilations showcasing a breadth of new music from across Southeast Asia.

Half an hour in length, the release features underground artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. A diverse range of styles and approaches reflect the fertile and experimental regional scenes flourishing ‘between the cracks’ of an increasingly complex online musical landscape.



Six-track EP by experimental Malaysian drummer Reza Othman, otherwise known as Rao. Fully-formed but deliberately unpolished, the release presents itself as a meditation of found sounds, ambient samples and ultimately enthralling DIY sonic landscapes.



Second edition in our compilation series focused on regional producers quietly flourishing between the cracks of an increasingly complex online musical landscape.

A shade under 30 minutes, the release features artists from Malaysia (PRIMADONA, Moslem Priest), Singapore (Intriguant, Night Dives), The Philippines (Sylfiden) and Indonesia (BLLISS); covering a diverse musical spectrum traversing hazy house, tropical electronica, fringe club and classical piano through to esoteric ambient.