BOT005: Rao - Let Love Kill EP

We're very happy to share with you our first release for 2018: a new six-track EP from experimental Malaysian drummer/percussionist Reza Othman under the Rao moniker. Fully-formed but deliberately unpolished, the release presents itself as a meditation of found sounds, ambient samples and ultimately enthralling DIY sonic landscapes.

BOT005 - RAO - Let Love Kill EP - Cover.png

Fifteen-minutes in length; Let Love Kill is an honest, intriguing antidote to the perfectionist, over-the-top sheen inherent to so much of the recorded sound we hear today. Throughout, Reza's deep theoretical appreciation and background in musical teaching surface in hard-edged nods to both classic and contemporary jazz techniques.

Let Love Kill is available now via leading digital platforms and for pre-order on limited-edition cassette.

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